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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Task Force Bowie - First 90 Days with Boots on Ground

Task Force Bowie taking major strides in securing Shindand Air Base!

The Soldiers of 3rd Battalion, 144th Infantry Regiment (Forward) "Task Force Bowie" has been on the ground at Shindand Air Base since mid-August and has already provided over 250,000 man hours of base security in one shape or another.  Each and every Soldier here is focus on the mission.  Several of the Soldiers when they are not on patrol or guard duty, are taking advantage of the several different online college courses that are available or other military distance-learning courses to improve not only themselves but also the unit they serve.

In August we conducted our Transfer of Authority with Task Force Griffin (Ohio National Guard) Soldiers and assumed the security mission here on Shindand Air Base.  In September, we saw the dawning of T-Patches on several new Soldiers who have never been deployed before and a change in our higher headquarters from the 838th AEAG (USAF) to the 47th Garrison Command.  October brought on more taskings as we began our movement of our Base Defense Operation Center from one side of Shindand Air Base to another.  With the beginning of November, Task Force Bowie Soldiers are still focus on the security mission and the spirits are high as we continue to work through any challenge that presents itself.

We have accomplished more than the previous three units before us within one of their rotations.  The command is very proud of the each and every Soldier who has step up to the plate and has gone above and beyond what was asked of them.  Most of the leadership on the ground is performing either one or two levels above their current duty position; with major sufficient results and praises from our superiors.

Special recognition goes out to all the Task Force Bowie family members who are making the ultimate sacrifice with your love ones standing watch from thousands of miles away.  I thank all of you of your continue support to our mission here.  I look forward to coming home with these “Brave Texans” next year and being able to see the smiles from all of you as they are embraced in open arms to each and every one of you.  I ask that you continue engage with the rear Family Readiness Groups and the Battalion Full-Time Staff for any questions or concerns you may have.


John A. Sturgill
Major, Infantry
Battalion Executive Officer

New Right Sleeve Combat T-Patchers of Task Force Bowie.

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